To further extend my love of colour, design and feng shui, I have created and designed a unique range of products which introduce the receiver to elements of specific feng shui cures or colour psychology. Through many years in the interior design industry, combined with an understanding of the use of feng shui cures, I felt the need to develop a range of decorative cushions, meditation floor cushions and throws. I designed them with creative inspiration concentrating on the principles of feng shui and colour.

The materials change from time to time but I prefer to work with pure shantung silk and Chinese silk brocades. I hand stencil good fortune symbols and add gold adornments to specific cure features.Although a standard range exists I vary and create to individual taste, usually custom-made to order. I would be happy to discuss the possibilities or simply provide you with one of my favourites.

My products are made with sincerity of thought. They make great gifts for friends or family or especially a gift for your own home.