Eucalyptus Torwood

COLOUR - can anyone imagine a world without it? It evokes an immediate reaction from the senses. It affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. It can be a powerful elixer and a soothing comforter. Truly, a gift from the gods.

In my work "colour" is the thread which weaves it’s way through all aspects. I literally spent two years of part-time study in defining and delineating colour, developing and working with it and incorporating it in a broad base area of design.

An "eye for colour" is a fundamental ability in talented decorating and understanding the psychology of colour plays an important part in choosing appropriate colour schemes.

Colour certainly relates to specific areas of Western Astrology and I found coincidences and new ideas of appreciation of colour after studying Feng Shui.

My colour consultancy side of business is active and growing, the majority of enquiries of which come from referral. In decorating and schematic design it is interesting to see how areas of Sydney have their own particular taste for colour. Wonderfully for me, where I live on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, clients love the essence of rich colour. As I work closer to Sydney city and the lower north shore, the mood of colour changes to subtle sophistication. Whatever the appreciation of colour, I love to work with it, especially harmonies.